Bubblis, nº1 in the AppStore in over 10 countries


On Google Play, Bubblis achieves a position within Top 70 in over 100 countries

  • After its launch Bubblis gets its highest ranking in the App Store in December. The game has qualified in more than 60 countries and is in the top positions on five continents.
  • In Google Play it has managed to stay above position 70 in 101 countries. This is an excellent position, considering that paid for applications have less acceptance in the Android app store.

Bubblis got a No. 1 position in the App Stores of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, France, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Taiwan. Also it is in the Top 5 in Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Holland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay. In Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Kenya, Norway, New Zealand, UK, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine the game is placed in the Top 10, and in Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Poland, Turkey and the U.S. it has carved itself a niche in the Top 15. Bubblis can also be found in the Top 25 in Australia, Canada, UAE, Indonesia, Japan, Panama, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Finally, it has achieved a position within the Top 50 in Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait and Malaysia.

In Google Play the game enters into the Top 70 in 101 countries where it had been classified by income. It is an interesting and very relevant fact for a paid game because very few manage to achieve these records.

The highest quotations achieved by Bubblis indicate a very good start of the game since statistically only 7% of the released games are able to remain in the Top 400 after 90 days of the launch, and only 0.5% of them reach the Top 100. This is due to the extreme level of competition existing in the Stores where over 775,000 apps are competing for top positions.

Since launching Bubblis we´ve received lots of reviews and evaluations both from the media specialized in videogame analysis and from users. The result has always been positive. Both groups agree that Bubblis is a solid game of high quality; it is very addictive, original and creative. Also they comment that a game guarantees hours of fun because you can play in any of the 44 languages, regardless of your age or skill level.


It is a game suitable for the whole family that offers a new vision for games: words and puzzle combination!

More than twenty specialized media valuations give Bubblis a remarkable note. In the Stores the average rating of over 700 user assessments is Outstanding.

The 44 languages available in the game and having game description in each of the language on the app stores have made game promotion easier. The most used languages are English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Catalan.

(story from On Game Creative; Bubblis on: Google Play, iTunes App Store and Amazon)

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